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The Lemon myrtle story

The Channon Harvest.png

While Australian native botanicals have been known and used by Indigenous communities for well over 30,000 years, their benefits and applications remain largely unknown.

As a pioneer in the farming of native botanicals, Australian Native Products has become the largest grower and harvester of lemon myrtle globally. 
Lemon Myrtle Products is our retail shopfront and allows us to share our locally grown lemon myrtle with you!


Australian Native Products began in 1998 in The Channon, a pristine region in New South Wales that sits on the edge of the state’s best-preserved rainforest, with rolling hills and valleys leading to Byron Bay.

We have since expanded our plantations into the picturesque Tropical North Queensland region of Mareeba. With a reputation as a 'food lover's' paradise, how could we resist!

We continually invest in sustainable, zero-waste farming and manufacturing processes to ensure that our land remains healthy.
We take pride in 100% of our lemon myrtle plant being used, whether it be in our soaps and essential oils, or for composting and animal feed.

We hope you join us on our journey of unlocking the hidden benefits of lemon myrtle!

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