Lemon Myrtle Fish Cakes

Infuse your meal with great Australian native flavours


1 kg white fish fillets, minced
1 egg
120 g Summerland dried olive dukkah (contains Lemon Myrtle)
375 ml Summerland Olive Lemon Myrtle infused olive oil
100 g Jasmine rice
½ tsp Lemon Myrtle ground
½ tsp Dorrigo pepper ground
¼ cup fresh young Lemon Myrtle leaves
1 cup Summerland Olive & macadamia tapenade


  1. Prepare fish cakes – blend fish minced with egg and dukkah, pat into cake size. Boil pot of 200 ml water, add rice, leave lid on and cook on low heat for 15 minutes, at the same time heat olive oil and lemon myrtle, fry the fish cakes.
  2. When rice is cooked stir through ground Lemon Myrtle and Dorrigo pepper.
  3. Serve fish cakes on a rice bed with fresh leaves as a garnish, leaving the centre clear. Spoon olive and macadamia tapenade into the centre of dish.

Prize Winning Lemon Myrtle Recipe

Northern Rivers Herb Festival
Courtesy of Alan Hodgson, JIGGI


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