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Mango and Lemon Myrtle Cheese Cake

Sweet delights that can be created with Lemon Myrtle


Eight to Ten


250g Philadelphia or Neuchatel cream cheese 50g sugar 300g biscuit crumb 150g unsalted butter 1 tsp cinnamon 500ml cream 4 egg whites

20gm powdered lemon myrtle 150ml mango puree 100g mango diced 20ml liqueur - rum or mango liqueur Juice of two limes 5 leaves of gelatine

Chef's tip

When adding gelatine have beater going and gelatine hot so it goes in quickly to avoid lumps. Keep this mix at room temperature whilst preparing cream and egg whites.

Make sure whites are free of yolk and mixing bowl is cold and dry. Medium peak is when they are stiff enough to form peaks but not at a glossy meringue stage.


  1. Using a 2' high by 9' diameter spring form cake tin make crumb base by combining biscuit crumb, melted butter and cinnamon. Mix until wet sand texture that will hold when squeezed in the hand.   
  2. Line the base of the cake tin about 1cm thick by packing in mix by hand then cool.   
  3. Whip cream cheese and sugar with whisk attachment in electric beater. Add liqueur, lemon myrtle, lime juice, mango puree and gelatine. Remove to separate large mixing bowl. Whisk cold egg whites in beater to medium peak. Keep refrigerated. Whip cold cream in beater to soft peak. Add diced mango to cream cheese mix. Fold in cream and egg whites. Pour mix into cake tin and refrigerate for several hours to set.

To serve run a fine knife around tin to separate and release spring. Cut cheesecake into portions and serve.


Craig Squire Craig is a chef with the Red Ochre Grill in Cairns.