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Chicken or Pork Marinated in Flavours From the Rainforest

Flavours of the Australian Rainforest


whole large chicken breast cut into 2.5 cm pieces 1/2 cup olive oil teaspoon ground lemon myrtle skewers salad green, olives and orange zest, extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar


  1. Marinate the chicken pieces in oil and spice mixture for 1/2 hour.   
  2. Thread three large pieces on chicken onto small skewers and char grill for a couple of minutes on each side.   
  3. Sprinkle with sea salt and Dorrigo pepper and serve with yoghurt sauce and salad greens.   

Yoghurt sauce

1 cup of thick yoghurt 1/2 tablespoon honey teaspoon lemon myrtle mixed with 2 teaspoons of hot water salt

Mix all together and keep cool until needed

Recipe courtesy of Wendy Taylor